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Collective transport


Collective transport


World Equus Export, World Horse Transport España and World Horse Transport are sister companies. This enables us to transport your horse quickly, professionally, safely and with extra care, seamlessly from Spain to the rest of Europe.

Equus Export and WHT Espana focus on the Spanish market. You can book the complete transport for your horse with us.

Weekly our trucks drive through Spain and pick up your horse. Your horse will be in our stables for 1 or 2 days, after which all horses will be provided with the right documents to be transported to the desired countries in Europe.

World Horse Transport NL provides a weekly truck that delivers the horses from Northern Europe to us, and can transport the now approved horses directly to the Netherlands and Belgium in our stables. From WHT Stables in The Netherlands, there are connections to Italy, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and Germany, as well as the Eastern Bloc.

The horses delivered to us, are delivered by us on the route to the various customers.

In this way your horse travels safely, almost directly and suffers as little as possible from the stress of transport. Our employees pay daily and frequent attention to your horse and take perfect care of them so that they arrive fit and healthy at their final destination.