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World Equus Export specialises in the professional National, International and Intercontinental logistics of horses, stabling and quarantine. We, World Equus Export, do this exclusively for the Spanish market. A profession in its own right, but with the 20 years of experience of our employees, your horse is in good and trusted hands. On the following pages you can see the possibilities such as private transport and collection transport, but if you want to have your horse transported to another continent, that’s no problem at all. Also in that case you fill in our quotation request, and we will transport your horse together with our specialized colleagues to its destination.

Do you want to transport horses? That’s how it goes!

If you intend to transport horses, you can find all the information you need about transport on our website.

  • Every week our sister company World Horse Transport rides to and from our location in Spain, in order to have a direct connection between Spain and the rest of Europe.
  • Collective transport: the Equus Export / WHT Espana vehicles collect horses in Spain and Portugal, so that they are inspected at our location and transported in one straight line with WHT to the Netherlands.
  • Private transport: your horse(s) is/are only transported and not combined with other horses from other customers.