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Quarantine station and procedure


Located in Agost (20 minutes from the city of Alicante), our company has 20 spacious stables for optimal care of the horses, with sufficient bedding, automatic drinking troughs and quality feed. The stables are cleaned daily and disinfected after a quarantine period. There are paddocks for foals and young horses or pregnant mares. We have 24 hour surveillance and veterinary service available.

In order to offer your horses enough exercise we have a 20×40 lane, as well as paddocks for foals, young horses and for example pregnant mares. In our lunging cell horses can be provided with exercise during the quarantine period.

We offer different services:

  • QUARANTINE CENTRE: Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
    Our employees, who are also well versed in riding techniques, can not only lunge your horse, but also prepare it so that the horses will not lose their good shape.
  • Veterinarians: We have a good veterinary team of professionals to carry out the quarantine tests and to check and guarantee the good health of the horse during quarantine.
  • Farriers: If your horse needs a hoof repair and/or new herd for the journey, we can provide this with the best farriers.
    Management: We take care of obtaining all the necessary health and export certificates from ministries, customs etc. We also take care of the planning and coordination of the entire export process.
  • Road transport: We offer the entire road transport from the barn, the quarantine to the airports under our own management. Modern trucks with video surveillance during the journey, with respect for the rest periods, which benefit the well-being of the horse.
  • Air transport: in cargo or combi planes, in which we try to book as many direct flights as possible with reputable companies that have extensive experience in the air transport of horses.
  • Grooms: Our own professional grooms accompany your horses throughout the process from the airport and during the
  • flight. We also take care of the stabling before the flight, so that we can start the journey rested. We have qualified and attentive staff to ensure that your horse travelers have a comfortable journey.

Send your horses without worries, we give you the high quality service they deserve!